Terms & Conditions

Pulse Bookkeeping promise to maintain the highest standards of professional behaviour at all times.

In the unlikely event of any errors or omissions caused by Mad About Book-Keeping Ltd, the necessary revisions or corrections will be made free of charge. If, however, errors or omissions are made because the client has supplied incomplete or incorrect information, any necessary revisions or corrections will be charged at our standard hourly rate.

The price for the work and the applicable hourly rates will be laid out in our quotation. Unless otherwise stated, the price and/or hourly rates will not include travelling expenses, postage, or sundry expenses incurred in the course of the work.

Pulse Bookkeeping reviews its standard hourly rates annually. We will notify all clients in writing of any price changes applicable to their work.

Fixed fee pricing will be reviewed 3 months after commencement of work.

Fixed fees are payable in advance and will not be refunded in the event of the client terminating the contract without prior agreement, whether the work has been carried out, or not.

Unless otherwise stated in the letter of engagement, Pulse Bookkeeping will make the following charges for travelling expenses:

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